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BedWatch has Launched New Native iOS and Android Apps

COVID-19 Patient Visibility with BedWatch Boards

BedWatch Tracks Ventilators

BedWatch Can Help with Surge Capacity & Visibility at No Cost to Support COVID-19 Response Efforts

BedWatch Can Update your Isolations for Coronavirus

BedWatch Admit Control Now Supports Orders!

New Report Helps Hospitals Identify the Source of Discharge Delays

BedWatch Launches BedWatch Boards!

BedWatch Launches BedWatch Alerts!

New Feature Update – Bed Ahead

BedWatch Launches New Mobile Platform

New Report Summarizes Average Patient Transportation Completion Times by Month to Simplify Performance Assessment

Patient Transportation Experts Come Together for Education & Inspiration at NAHTM 2016

Join BedWatch at NAHTM 2016 in Atlanta

New Admit Control Features Allow Hospital EDs to Track Patients Pending Discharge vs. Patients Pending Transfer to Surgery

“Bed Placements by Hour” Report Helps Hospital Patient Placement Teams Understand Real-Time Capacity Information

BedWatch Brings Real-Time Visibility to Your Hospital: Pending Patient Moves

BedWatch Uses Smart Automation to Reduce Unnecessary Wait Times

BedWatch to Sponsor 2016 NAHTM Annual Conference

New Patient Flow Reporting Tools Coming Soon

BedWatch Online Help Center Provides Users with Support & Resources 24/7

BedWatch Account Managers Provide Customized Reports and Monthly Account Updates for Each Partner Hospital

New BedWatch EVS & Patient Transportation Mobile App Currently in Development

BedWatch Offers Complimentary Monthly EVS Manager Training Webinars

BedWatch Products Use RWD to Provide Complete Access from Any Internet-Capable Device

Visit BedWatch at Booth #1437 at AONE 2016 in Fort Worth

Patient Placement Staff Can Request Beds and Place Patients Using an iPhone

EVS Directors Can Now Update Zone Assignments Without Re-Paging Team Members

BedWatch Allows Users to Reserve Beds for Incoming Patients

Healthcare Tech Innovation Continues at CES 2016

How to Run a Successful Healthcare Technology Implementation

BedWatch: 2015 by the Numbers

Five Health IT Predictions for 2015: Focus on Interoperability & Consumer Empowerment

Expanded “Transports by Transporter” Report Simplifies Navigation & Increases Visibility

U.S. Hospitals Continue to Invest Heavily in Technology

New “Daily KPI Report” & Expanded Admit Request Screen View Available

New Posting Schedule Coming Soon

NAHTM Names BedWatch “2015 Exhibitor of the Year”

Visit Our Booth at NAHTM 2015

We Want to Know: What Conferences and Events Do You Find Most Valuable?

BedWatch Help Site Provides Training Manuals and User Support 24/7

Admit Control Supports Charge-to-Charge Patient Placement

BedWatch Bed History Report Provides Detailed Bed Status Snapshot

HIMSS 2015 Cybersecurity Survey: 66% of Respondents have Experienced a “Security Incident” in the Past Year

Transport Control Features in-App Messaging Tool with Full Tracking & Reporting Capabilities

BedWatch to Sponsor 25th Annual NAHTM Conference October 7-11

New Feature Allows BedWatch Users to Create Usernames to Simplify Log-In Process

Meet the BedWatch Leadership Team in New Introduction Video

BedWatch Hospital Partner Cuts Average Bed Turnover Time in Half Within First 30 Days

160-Bed Pennsylvania Hospital Cuts Average Bed Turnover Time by 50% in First 30 Days

BedWatch Reports Help Hospitals Comply with Joint Commission Regulations & Guidelines

“Transfers Within the Same Unit” Report Helps BedWatch Users Track Medically-Unnecessary Patient Transfers

BedWatch Launches First International Partnership in Chile

Feature Update: Expanding Ability to Mark Patient Beds & Rooms “Not Staffed”

BedWatch Patient Flow Technology Puts Comprehensive Throughput Data at Hospital Leaders’ Fingertips

Identify Trends and Drive Process Improvement with the BedWatch Discharge Dashboard

BedWatch Provides Placement Staff with Hospital-Wide & System-Wide Bed Status Views

BedWatch “Data Download” Provides More Robust Reporting & Actionable Data

New Housekeeping App helps EVS Team Manage Discharge Cleans More Efficiently

BedWatch Partner Drives Significant Patient Transport Improvements Despite Rising ADC

Florida Hospital Improves Transport Efficiency Despite Rising ADC and a Reduction in Staff

BedWatch Column View & TV Display Provide Hospital-Wide Bed Status Info at a Glance

Check our our new BedWatch video!

Meet Our Team at NCONL & NMONL

AONE 2015 Conference Recap: Empowering Leaders, Igniting Change

Visit BedWatch at AONE 2015 in Booth #919

New BedWatch Feature Summarizes Bed Status Info in Real Time

BedWatch Provides 24/7 Customer Support for All Hospital Partners

300-Bed Louisiana Hospital Drives Avg. Bed Turnover Down to Less Than 60 Minutes

Drive Performance Improvement in Bed Turnover Processes with BedWatch “STAT Bed Turnover by Unit” Report

SXSW Interactive 2015 Looks to the Future of MedTech

Objectively Evaluate EVS Performance with BedWatch “Cleans by Cleaner” Report

BedWatch Features Update | Mar. 5, 2014

BedWatch to Exhibit at AONE 2015

BedWatch Security Protocols Exceed HIPAA Standards

Texas Organization of Nurse Executives Annual Conference Kicks off Feb. 19

Major Hospitals Move Forward with Mobile Tech, Pilot Apple HealthKit

The BedWatch Team is Growing

Many U.S. Hospitals Susceptible to Winter Weather Damage, Closures

Proactively Manage Bed Turnover & Identify Trends with the BedWatch Discharge Dashboard

340-Bed Texas Hospital Reduces Avg. Bed Turnover Time to 42 Minutes in First Year

Medicare Cuts Payments to 700+ Hospitals for Preventable Patient Infections & Injuries

Improve Hospital Staff & Patient Safety with Isolation Indicators and Detailed Reporting

BedWatch: 2014 by the Numbers

Happy Holidays from the BedWatch Team!

Fixing ED Throughput: Studies Show Associated Reductions in ED LOS & LWBS Rates

Proactively Manage Bed Turnover & Discharge Cleans with the BedWatch EVS Bed Board

Understanding Value-Based Purchasing & Hospital Reimbursements

Happy Thanksgiving from the BedWatch Team!

Nurse Engagement Key to Successful Implementation of Performance Improvement Health Tech Tools

200-Bed Louisiana Hospital Reduces Avg. Patient Transport Completion Time Despite 28% Increase in Transport Requests

BedWatch Features Update: Admit Control Simplifies Patient Search | Nov. 12, 2014

Florida Organization of Nurse Executives 2014 Fall Conference Kicks Off Nov. 13

BedWatch Features Update: First Look at Admit Control Reporting & Dashboards | Oct. 29, 2014

Building for Efficiency: New Hospitals Designed with a Focus on Patient Flow

BedWatch Features Update: New Patient Core Launch | Oct. 15, 2014

National Association of Healthcare Transport Management 2014 Conference Recap

BedWatch Team Update: Our Team is Growing

Apple Watch: Success Hinges on Effective Partnerships Within Healthcare

550-Bed Texas Hospital Reduces Average Bed Turnover Time by 54% in First 8 Months

BedWatch Features Update: Creating Temporary Units | Sept. 17, 2014

BedWatch Sponsors NAHTM 2014

BedWatch Features Update: Customizable Escalation Notifications

I Want What I Want When I Want It: Smart Phones and the Disruption of Healthcare

BedWatch Features Update: First Look at Admit Control | Aug. 20, 2014

Apple HealthKit Aims to Expand Mobile Healthcare Market

BedWatch Features Update: Maintenance Notifications | August 6, 2014

Information Bottlenecks: The High Cost of Silos in Healthcare

BedWatch Features Update: Focus on Patient Satisfaction | July 23, 2014

250-Bed Pennsylvania Hospital Reduces Patient Transport Completion Time by 26% in First 30 Days, Sustains Improvement for 6 Months

U.S. Healthcare Market Ranks Last Among 11 Industrialized Nations

BedWatch Features Update | July 9, 2014

Mobile Tech: Why Healthcare is Slow to Adopt

BedWatch Team Update | Jun. 25, 2014

Building a Successful Patient Throughput Committee

BedWatch Features Update | Jun. 11, 2014

Patient Flow: A Hospital-Wide Concern

BedWatch Features Update | May 28, 2014

Mobile Health: Barriers to mHealth App Adoption

140-Bed Texas Hospital Reduces Average Bed Turnover Time to 48 Minutes in First Year

BedWatch Development Update | May 14, 2014

Meet Our New Development Team Members

BedWatch Features Update | Apr. 30, 2014

Using Data to Create Cultures of Innovation and Engagement in Healthcare

BedWatch Features Update | Apr. 16, 2014

Our Business Development Team is Growing!

BedWatch Features Update | Apr. 2, 2014

Our CTO’s Take on SXSWi: RWD and Gesture-Based Computing Hit the Mainstream

200+ Bed Louisiana Hospital Reduces Average Annual Bed Turnover by 27%

BedWatch Features Update | March 19, 2014

SXSW Interactive 2014 Festival Recap: Wearables, Nano Tech, and 3D Printing

HIMSS 2014 Leadership Survey: Lack of Financial Resources Top Barrier to IT Implementation

BedWatch Features Update | Feb. 19, 2014

The Future of Healthcare: Empowering the Patient as a Consumer

BedWatch Features Update | Feb. 5, 2014

Big Data in Healthcare: What Does It Really Mean?

BedWatch Features Update | Jan. 22, 2014

250+ Bed Mississippi Hospital Achieves 20% Reduction in Average Bed Turnover Time

New Joint Commission Regulations & Guidelines Focus on Throughput Efficiency & ED Boarding

BedWatch Features Update | Jan. 8, 2014

Making Sense of CMS’s Two-Midnight Rule

Happy Holidays!

Hello, World!

110-Bed Texas Hospital Refines Processes, Reduces Average Bed Turnover to 50 Minutes in Six Months

260+ Bed New Mexico Hospital Reduces Average Bed Turnover by 25% in Two Years

400-Bed Mississippi Hospital Group Reduces Avg. Patient Transport Completion Time by 20%

350-Bed Texas Hospital Reduces Avg. Bed Turnover by 25% in First 30 Days

300-Bed Florida Hospital Drives Average LWBS Rate Down to 1.1%

300-Bed Louisiana Hospital Reduces Avg. Bed Turnover Time by 28% Despite Rising ADC

250-Bed Mississippi Hospital Reduces Bed Turnover by 38% After Replacing MEDITECH

300-Bed Florida Hospital Meets ED Admission Time Goals in First 60 Days

100-Bed Florida Hospital Reduces Average Bed Turnover Times by 31% in First Year

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