Technology Overview

BedWatch Technology

BedWatch® provides a group of software modules that are the best in the industry. Our specific goal is to help healthcare facilities increase revenue and operate more efficiently.  

Our ability to deliver relevant solutions quickly is driven by our state-of-the-art underlying technology platform and tools. Our cloud-based approach allows for immediate implementation and ongoing enhancements which have been historically cumbersome and impractical with previous generation technologies.

Following are some of the technologies we have built to support healthcare. These might span multiple modules, stand alone, or simply represent an augmentation to our systems that provide for the best results in the industry.


BedWatch Snapshots

Obtaining actionable data in healthcare is a huge challenge.  Often information comes from disparate systems, is generated by multiple departments, is unstructured, changes quickly, and there is a staggering amount.  Taking this data and making it available and actionable is daunting or nearly impossible with traditional systems.

BedWatch Snapshots is our initial start to solving this challenging problem.

We are starting by taking a virtual picture (snapshot), of roughly 50 data points, every hour of the day, 365 days a year, for each facility.  This data is stored securely in our data warehouse, normalized, and made available for reporting and analysis.


We want to be able to help our hospital customers use their data to answer questions like: 

  • Why were our labor costs so high last Wednesday?
  • What happened two weeks ago at 3:00PM?
  • If you look at the last 2 years, what does a typical Friday afternoon look like in terms of staffing, census, discharges, etc.?
  • What is the optimal staffing on Thursdays for the ICU based on activity?
  • How much linen do we expect to need by hour and by unit based on census?

This historical information can later be reviewed to allow for future predictions based on historical trends.


BedWatch Integration

BedWatch has developed a sophisticated and secure integration infrastructure to provide for real-time visibility and to reduce the data entry requirements for hospital staff.  One size does not fit all in healthcare and our system allows for us to dynamically fit the integration to each of our customer’s needs in order to fully support their internal processes.  

BedWatch supports the following types of integration: 


  • Inbound ADT (Customer --> BedWatch) - This is a typical scenario where a hospital’s system will send real-time data from the ADT system to BedWatch to act upon
  • Inbound Orders (Customer → BedWatch) - This method supports receiving data from the facility's EMR to support automatic real-time updates regarding doctor’s orders. 
  • Outbound (BedWatch --> Customer) - This method supports a model where updates made within BedWatch are sent back to a hospital’s integration engine for support of internal processes.

NOTE: BedWatch supports integration with any HIS system that supports HL7.  (ex. Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, etc.)



BedWatch's secure and HIPAA compliant healthcare API provides hospitals and other covered entities with a RESTful API to query lists, receive the status and update the status of beds, service jobs, and patient Admit requests. (Technical documentation available upon request.)


BedWatch Alerts

BedWatch Alerts is a sophisticated real-time notification engine that empowers clinical and support services teams to receive notifications that are specific to their areas of responsibility at the right time.  This core technology underlies all of our BedWatch modules, provides granular customization capabilities, and is easy to use.

Key Features Include:

  • Multi-Level Time Based Escalations  
  • Customizable Alerts by User 
  • Reduce Notification Fatigue with Filters
  • Intuitive Alert Toggles
  • Unlimited Users & Centralized Management 
  • Eliminate Phone Calls 

BedWatch Cloud IVR

BedWatch Cloud IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology designed to help capture important information quickly and efficiently usings a facility’s existing phone infrastructure.   Staff members can interact with the system very easily with little to no training and the system can be quickly activated with zero hardware requirements for the facility. 

Key Features Include:

  • Zero Hardware Required - BedWatch IVR works in any environment with a phone and requires zero equipment to be installed for full functionality.
  • Simple Extension Mapping - Facilities designate a simple, short extension for the staff to use that is easy to remember.
  • Little to No Training - Self explanatory, intuitive prompts increase adoption.
  • Multilingual - IVR prompts can be in multiple languages to support the native language of the staff. (ex. BedWatch IVR can be set up to support environments where there is a mix of native English and Spanish speakers.) 
  • Speed Prompts - Staff can easily select and speed through menus to shorten interaction time to a few seconds.
  • Immediate Updates - BedWatch IVR entries provide instantaneous updates to our apps so information is immediately available.
  • IVR inputs can trigger BedWatch Alerts - BedWatch IVR entries can immediately trigger BedWatch alerts for real-time notification capabilities to those who need them.

BedWatch Call Center

BedWatch Call Center provides virtual call management and routing capabilities in order to streamline the process of connecting the right people at the right time.  This empowers staff to handle incoming calls quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Easily Modify On-Call Status - Staff can be easily added and removed from on-call status throughout the day.
  • Mobile & Off-Site Capabilities - Our cloud-based technology means that calls can be forwarded to any phone and can, for example, empower busy nurses to take calls while on the go.  No more sitting at a desk waiting for the phone to ring.
  • Call Recording - Calls through the system can be recorded and securely stored for later review.
  • Dynamically Add Callers - Staff can bring additional people into a live call to support real-time conferencing capabilities.
  • Call Transcription - Recorded calls can be automatically transcribed directly to text via our built-in AI.

BedWatch Mobile

BedWatch has easy-to-use mobile apps to empower any staff members who have a need to respond to any type of service request.

Key Features:

  • Device Agnostic - Our mobile platform can work on any mobile device. (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Push Notifications - Staff can receive push notifications when new tasks are requested.
  • Secure Messaging - Built-in secure messaging means that managers and staff can communicate securely and in real-time.
  • Any Type of Service Request - Requests for Discharge Cleans, Patient Transportation, Linen, Food Service, Maintenance, etc. can be managed through the mobile system.
  • Team View - Mobile devices can provide team members visibility to other team members’ activities via the team view screens.

BedWatch Online Help Center

BedWatch includes an online Help Center to provide every user with information and documentation on how to use BedWatch.

Key Features:

  • Role-Based Documentation - Documentation is provided by user role so that information specific to a user’s responsibilities can be quickly accessed.
  • Downloadable Documentation - PDF documentation can be accessed / downloaded easily.
  • Quick Guides - PDF “quick guides” provide targeted answers for frequently requested information.
  • How-To Videos - Short “how-to” videos are available at a single click to provide intuitive demonstrations about using the key features of the system.

BedWatch Authentication & Authorization

Sophisticated authentication capabilities provide for security and important technology to enable hospitals to better manage and delegate user administration.

Key Features:  

  • Unlimited Users - BedWatch supports an unlimited number of users.
  • Role Based Access Control - The ability to access certain system features (authorization) is based on a user’s specific role within the organization.
  • Multi-Facility / Enterprise Access - For enterprises requiring centralized management of multiple facilities, our Enterprise Access features can be enabled to support regional or corporate management from a single login.
  • Two-Step Verification - Multi-Step verification can be enabled for enhanced security.
  • IP Whitelisting - Access can be reduced or completely restricted based on IP whitelisting to limit system access to specific locations based on IP address.
  • Configurable Security Requirements - BedWatch can enforce the security configuration to meet the specific governance requirements of your organization.
  • Single Sign On - SSO with Active Directory Integration

BedWatch Patient Journey

BedWatch’s core healthcare technology platform is patient centric.  This means that in addition to being able to track support service, clinical, and other tasks, the “journey,” or timeline, of a patient’s stay at a facility can be tracked and include key events in order to provide visibility and context around the patient’s time in the hospital.

Key Features:

  • Track HL7 Events - BedWatch tracks and records specific events related to a patient’s stay within the hospital.
  • Track Orders - BedWatch tracks and records physician orders that are entered and incorporates this into the patient’s timeline.
  • Clinical & Support Service Events - BedWatch includes events where staff interact with the BedWatch system and incorporates these interactions into the patient’s timeline. 
  • Chronological Process Visibility - BedWatch integrates with multiple systems, processes clinical and support service interactions, and places these in chronological order.  This creates a single place where a deep dive can happen to help answer questions about why certain things happened.   
  • Patient Search - Easily search for a specific patient; including previous and current patients.
  • Detail Filtering - Filter patient details to identify specific pieces of relevant information.

Advanced Visibility Tools for Healthcare

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