BedWatch Community Gateway

BedWatch® Community Gateway makes it easier for hospitals to build engagement with their external community of providers by providing an easy to use branded web referral portal.  

BedWatch® Community Gateway allows outside providers to make patient referral requests which are then immediately visible to internal hospital staff.  In addition to helping speed the doctor-to-doctor calls, the status updates related to the acceptance decision are immediately communicated back to the referrer.  The result is better visibility and faster acceptance for referrers, and increased overall referral volume for the accepting facility.


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Referrer Visibility

Referrers get their own tracker. They can see the status of their referral requests in real time as the accepting provider is processing their referral.

Email or Print Tracker. Referrers often like to have a record of their referrals that they can add to their records.  They can easily email or print the tracker.

Referrers get faster feedback and spend less time on the phone. Real-time updates provide full transparency regarding the status of all referrals.  The translates to less time coordinating over the phone.

Personalized Gateway. A customized portal is provided that is unique to the referring organization for all patient referrals.

No Cost to Referring Facility. Gateways are provided at no cost to referring providers.

Accepting Facility is Alerted Instantly. The gateway provides immediate notification and visibility to the accepting hospital clinicians regarding the referral.

No Waiting on Hold. Accepting hospital staff will call back immediately based on the phone number provided in the referral request.


Internal Visibility

Referral Tracking Visibility. Real-Time control panel providing visual status of all active referral requests.

Flexible Notifications.  Hospital Staff can receive email or text notifications of new referral requests and updates to their status. 

Increased Referral Volume. Better engagement tools allow hospitals to be the “go-to” provider for accepting transfers because of the simple interface, visibility and fast response times provided through the gateway.



Seamless Integration with Admit Control. Working alongside the internal patient throughput Admit Control module, Transfer Center can bring visibility to the entire patient referral and admit process.  

Accepting Facilities Receive Immediate Information on Referrals.  As soon as a patient is accepted by a receiving facility this information appears instantly on their Admit Control bed and notifications will go out to appropriate internal staff.  This sets up for seamless transitions for incoming patients.

Referrers Stay in the Loop. Referring facilities remain in the loop and are aware that their patients are accepted, have been assigned a bed, and see when the patient has been placed.

Unparalled Capabilities

Empower your operations and analytics teams with the right tools.


  • Intuitive Request Screen
  • Real-Time Referral Boards
  • Seamless Admit Control Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Document Management
  • Flexible Alerts
  • Daily Email Referral Summaries
  • Branded Portals
  • Unlimited Gateways

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  • Referrals by Month
  • Referrals by Service Line
  • Referrals by Referring Location
  • Referrals by Status
  • Declines by Month
  • Declines by Reason
  • Requests by Decision Time
  • and More..

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