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BedWatch has Launched New Native iOS and Android Apps

Steve Jourdan - Jun 19, 2020 2:02:13 PM

BedWatch has launched new native Apple iOS and Android applications. These new applications help expedite large deployments of BedWatch Service Control and improve ease of use for management and staff.


These new apps are available for use immediately for all Bed Control, Transport Control, and Service Control customers.


  1. Native Push Notifications - Native push notifications are built-in for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Immediate notifications are pushed directly to appropriate devices.
  2. BedWatch Service Control is fully supported - BedWatch Bed Control, BedWatch Transport Control, and BedWatch Service Control are all fully supported and are able to begin using the new mobile apps immediately.
  3. Secure Messaging - Built-in, HIPAA compliant, secure messaging for all team members is supported.
  4. Multi-Disciplinary / Multi Service Team Members - When the mobile app is used with BedWatch Service Control, facilities can implement the multi-disciplinary service teams features.  This allows for significantly enhanced efficiency across multiple departments. 
  5. Break Management - Team members can mark themselves on/off breaks and this information is available to management via the main application for real-time status and through reporting.
  6. Auto Dispatching - Dispatcher-less crowdsourcing, zoning, and enhanced zone crowdsourcing is fully supported.
  7. Direct Dispatching - Direct dispatching is also fully supported for situations that require specific jobs to be dispatched by a human. 
  8. Unlimited Users - There is no restriction, limit, or additional cost based on the number of users.


Please contact with any questions or if you need additional instructions.

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