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BedWatch Can Help with Surge Capacity & Visibility at No Cost to Support COVID-19 Response Efforts

Steve Jourdan - Mar 16, 2020 8:12:11 PM

We know that there will be challenges in the coming days around management and tracking of bed status and patients with the expected increase in volume. Obviously, this will come with a host of logistical and capacity challenges. Being able to maintain a high level of visibility around existing bed capacity and patient status during this time is going to be critical for handling the expected influx of coronavirus patients.




How We Can Help

As your organization plans for these events the BedWatch Team is available to assist. We are prepared to help you by activating additional capacity to help you maintain visibility. We can quickly activate the following resources:

  1. Beds
  2. Units
  3. New Areas / Surge Facilities

For our existing customers, we can quickly provision new units and beds within BedWatch as you open previously closed units or setup new areas for patients. In addition, as new temporary facilities outside of hospital are opened, we can quickly provision bed boards for these facilities.

This will give you immediate visibility and access to patient and bed status information.


No Cost

During this health-crisis we are offering the addition of these resources at no cost for our existing customers. It’s important that we work through this together and not engage with bureaucracy but instead with practical solutions that can be delivered immediately where they are needed.

If you are not a BedWatch customer but think there is a way that we can help you through this crisis then please contact us to discuss.


Can We Scale?

Yes. Our systems are architected for scale and we have employed automation and robust auto-scaling technology as part of our core infrastructure. In short, our systems were built for and are equipped to handle expansion on a national and international level.


Our Security

We employ robust security security measures and are HIPAA compliant. All new services will be spun up under a current platform and will have the same security controls in place. Here is a link to more information about our security:

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