Return on Investment

BedWatch® tools help hospitals significantly improve care coordination and patient access.

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Increased Patient Intake

BedWatch® Community Gateway makes it easier for hospitals to build engagement with their external community of providers by providing an easy to use branded web referral portal.  

  • Increased Inpatient Referrals
  • Increased Engagement with Local Providers
  • Patient Satisfaction Improvements
  • Integration with Capacity Management Tools
  • Goal Setting KPI's
  • Daily Reports for Stop Loss

Reduced Times & Waste

BedWatch® Capacity and Facility Management tools provide visibility, mobility, data and advanced integration to achieve sustained improvements in financial performance and reduce patient wait times and waste.

  • Reduced Patient Wait Times
  • Reduced ED Hold Times
  • Reduced Instances of Patients ‘Left Without Physician Assessment’
  • Improved Room Turnover Times
  • Increase the Number of Daily Procedures
  • Place Patients in the Right Bed, the First Time
  • Reduce Unnecessary Internal Waste (linen, meal delivery, convenience transfers, staff time, etc.) 

Collaborative Approach

At BedWatch we believe in and follow a collaborative approach with our customers.  We work to understand the specific challenges and then recommend appropriate solutions.  In addition, we stay connected with our customers throughout our relationship to ensure our customers continue to get the maximum value from our BedWatch technology tools.

Advanced Visibility Tools for Healthcare

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