BedWatch Transport Control

BedWatch® Transport Control is a request & dispatch management system that uses a crowd-sourcing approach and the latest mobile technology (including iPads, iPod Touches, Androids, and other Internet-capable smart phones) to help users manage and monitor patient transportation operations, and improve communication and efficiency — with or without an on-site dispatcher.

Patient transporters use Internet-capable hand-held device to claim available transport requests and update the system on-the-go, notifying the requester and appropriate managers of any delays as they occur, and ensuring that patient transportation requests are handled quickly, and that managers have accurate, real-time status information for each individual patient transport request.

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Real-Time Visibility

Always know the status of your transport requests. Track requests in real-time through each stage with mobile access.

No more guesswork. Know when transporters arrive and place patients, get real-time updates, and receive alerts at any transport stage.

Goodbye calls. No more endless calls, or waiting on hold for a dispatcher,  means nurses and administration can focus on high value activities for your hospital.

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Work Anywhere On Any Device

Run your hospital from your phone.  BedWatch’s web-based access gives you 24/7 access to the status of your patient transports wherever you are.

Responsive to any screen size.  Whether you are working at a traditional workstation or making rounds with your tablet, BedWatch is crafted to work the way you work.

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what patient transport notifications you want and where you want them delivered.


Intelligence & Insights

Dispatching or Crowdsourcing. Using BedWatch's patented crowdsourcing technology departments can operate with or without dispatchers.

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what notifications you want and where you want them delivered.

Visualize your data. Track and analyze a wide range of data regarding every aspect of the throughput process with powerful, customizable business intelligence tools.


Unparalled Capabilities

Empower your operations and analytics teams with the right tools.


  • Immediate Delay Notifications
  • Preschedule Transport Jobs
  • Notifications to mobile devices
  • Custom Isolation Indicators
  • Customizable Escalation Notifications
  • TV Display Dashboard
  • Interactive Reporting Dashboards
  • HL7 ADT Integration (optional)
  • Auto-trigger discharge notification to EVS when a discharge transport occurs
  • Built-in Secure Messaging for the Transport Team

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  • Transports by Month
  • Transport by Time of Day
  • Transports bv Transporter
  • Transports by Origin
  • Transports by Destination
  • Transport by Mode of Travel
  • Incoming / Outgoing by Unit
  • Transport Delays
  • Scheduled Transports
  • Break History
  • Message History
  • and More...

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