Admit Control queue screen shot

Admit Control

BedWatch® Admit Control incorporates incoming admissions from all sources into Bed Control, providing patient placement staff with an accurate, real-time view of all incoming patients. Together, these three modules provide a door-to-door throughput management tool that increases visibility and improves communication and efficiency.
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Bed Control bed board screen shotBed Control

BedWatch® Bed Control is a cutting-edge bed management system designed specifically to meet the unique needs of acute-care hospitals. Bed Control gives EVS & patient placement teams the real-time tools they need to turn beds over quickly, and place patients in the right bed, right away.
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Transport ControlTransport Control transport watch screen shot

BedWatch® Transport Control is a request & dispatch management system designed to help hospitals with patient transportation and equipment transportation needs. Transport Control uses the latest mobile and crowd-sourcing technology to provide patient transportation staff with the most effective two-way communication system that exists on the market today—with or without an on-site dispatcher.
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