BedWatch Bed Control

BedWatch® Bed Control is the industry leading discharge management system designed to give patient placement and housekeeping real-time visibility and access to detailed bed status information, so that they are consistently able to turn beds over more quickly and place patients in the right bed, right away.

Operating in the cloud, Bed Control is a 100% mobile application, accessible from any Internet-capable device — including smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, and desktop computers alike — allowing users to manage patient placement in real time, on or off-site.

The Most Powerful Technology on the Market


Real-Time Visibility

Always know the status of your beds. Track beds in real-time from discharged to clean with mobile access. EVS Managers get a dedicated EVS Bed Board to view all existing and pending discharges along with currently available staff.

No more guesswork. Know when housekeepers arrive and leave, get real-time updates, and receive alerts at any cleaning state. 

Goodbye calls. Use the built-in BedWatch alerts and auto dispatching to eliminate the phone calls between EVS and Nursing related to discharges.  

Bed Control

Work Anywhere On Any Device

Run your hospital from your phone.  BedWatch’s web-based access gives you 24/7 access to the status of your housekeepers and beds wherever you are.  Housekeepers, EVS managers, and patient placement staff can remain 100% mobile and eliminate phone calls.

Responsive to any screen size.  Whether you are working at a traditional workstation or making rounds with your tablet, BedWatch is crafted to work the way you work.

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what EVS notifications you want and where you want them delivered.


Intelligence & Insights

Automated dispatching. BedWatch matches notifications to cleaners based on availability, zoning, and current status without the need for a dedicated dispatcher.

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what notifications you want and where you want them delivered.

Visualize your data. Track and analyze a wide range of data regarding every aspect of the throughput process with powerful, customizable business intelligence tools.

Unparalled Capabilities

Empower your operations and analytics teams with the right tools.


  • Notifications to mobile app or pagers
  • Custom Isolation Indicators
  • Polite Paging
  • Zoning Capabilities
  • Customizable Escalation Notifications
  • Discharge Hotline
  • TV Display Dashboard
  • Interactive Reporting Dashboards
  • Customizable Bed Board View
  • IVR (Phone System) Integration
  • HL7 ADT Integration

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  • Discharges by Unit
  • Discharges by Shift
  • Discharge by Hour
  • Average Turnover Time by Unit
  • Average Turnover Time by Time of Day
  • Detailed Team Member Reporting
  • Isolation Reporting
  • Stat Discharges
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Bed Hunters Report
  • Discharge Lag Time by Unit
  • Delay Reporting
  • Team Member Break History
  • And more...

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