Product Overview

Every product within the BedWatch suite was designed alongside hospital operators and clinicians in order to achieve the results desired for long-term ROI and efficiency gains.  Each module automatically integrates across other modules, and leverage the same technology components, such as flexible alerts, reporting, and mobile access.

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Modules Overview

Get visibility, automation, and objective data for your organization.

Community Gateway

BedWatch® Community Gateway makes it easier for hospitals to build engagement with their external community of providers by providing an easy to use branded web referral portal.

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Transfer Center

The BedWatch® Transfer Center resides within the hospital’s system in order to facilitate the flow of patients being transferred in and out of the facility.

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Admit Control

BedWatch® Admit Control empowers clinical staff by providing automation and complete visibility for the entire hospital for all incoming, outgoing, and existing inpatients.

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Bed Control

BedWatch® Bed Control empowers clinical and EVS staff by providing automation, visibility, and reporting around the discharge process.

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Transport Control

BedWatch® Transport Control uses patented technology to empower and mobilize the entire transportation team with unique request processing and mobile tools.

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Service Control

BedWatch® Service Control uses patented technology to empower and mobilize front line team members and engage with requesters. Service Control is ideal for call centers or departments handling requests for multiple types of services.

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Enterprise Access

BedWatch Enterprise Access (EA) empowers hospital systems to easily and effectively manage all hospitals within a group from a single interface. Ideal for corporate PI Teams and centralized "command center" type of applications.

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Advanced Visibility Tools for Healthcare

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