Admit Control

BedWatch Admit Control

BedWatch® Admit Control allows users to fully integrate incoming patient information from all sources with Bed Control and Transport Control to allow placement staff to effectively manage beds and place patients faster.

Together, Bed Control, Transport Control, and Admit Control deliver a comprehensive, door-to-door patient throughput management tool.

With Admit Control, hospital placement staff can centrally manage incoming patient placement requests, and automatically update the Bed Board in real time, as placement decisions are made. The app also integrates with Transport Control, so users can automatically generate a patient transport request from Admit Control once a bed assignment has been made.

The Most Powerful Technology on the Market


Real-Time Visibility

Manage incoming patient throughput. Make informed placement decisions with an aerial view of all bed states for your entire hospital.

No more guesswork. Know when patients depart and transfer, get real-time updates, and receive alerts for any bed requests or assignments.

Goodbye calls. No more endless calls means nurses and administration can focus on high value activities for your hospital.

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Work Anywhere On Any Device

Run your hospital from your phone.  BedWatch’s web-based access gives you 24/7 access to the status of beds and bed requests wherever you are. Perfect for busy House Supervisors!

Responsive to any screen size.  Whether you are working at a traditional workstation or making rounds with your tablet, BedWatch is crafted to work the way you work.

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what patient placement alerts you want and where you want them delivered.


Intelligence & Insights

Seamless Integration. BedWatch applications sit on top of legacy hospital systems, consuming HL7 messages for monitoring all patient and bed states.

Actionable Insights. Dynamic dashboards and comprehensive time-and-date-stamped reporting provides a wealth of objective, actionable data to help hospital administrators identify chronic process issues or bottlenecks in patient throughput.

Visualize your data. Track and analyze a wide range of data regarding every aspect of the throughput process with powerful, customizable business intelligence tools.

Unparalled Capabilities

Empower your operations and analytics teams with the right tools.


  • Reduce patient wait times in admission
  • Quickly identify appropriate available beds
  • Eliminate unnecessary phone calls & administrative tasks from admission & placement  processes
  • Streamline the admission process with automatic notifications to Patient Transport & other key team members
  • Notifications to mobile app or pagers
  • Custom Isolation Indicators
  • Customizable Escalation Notifications
  • TV Display Dashboard
  • Customizable Bed Board View
  • HL7 ADT & Orders Integration

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  • Collect comprehensive data on each point in the throughput processes
  • Objectively assess the performance of departments involved in throughput
  • Interactive Reporting Dashboards
  • Customizable Bed Board View
  • Average Time to Admit a Patient
  • Average Time to Place a Patient
  • Average Room Turnover Time by Unit
  • Average STAT Turnover Time by Unit
  • Order to Patient Depart
  • Average Room Turnover Time by Housekeeper
  • Total Discharges by Unit
  • Total Discharges by Hour
  • Hospital ADT Discharge Lag Time by Unit

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