BedWatch Enterprise Access

BedWatch® Enterprise Access (EA) empowers hospital system to easily and effectively manage all hospitals within a group from a single interface.  


Enterprise Access Key Benefits: 

  • Enterprise Visibility & Management - Get multi-facility access and management across your entire organization from a single login.
  • Command Center - Provides command center capabilities by providing visibility for multiple hospitals simultaneously.
  • Divisional & Regional Roles - Enterprise Access provides the ability to set up complex levels of access for multi-facility users by facility and by module.  This allows for extremely flexible options around role-based access control for the entire enterprise.
  • Mobile Support - Our full Enterprise capabilities are extended to allow for mobile access to regional leadership
  • Enterprise Data - BedWatch provides support for access to organization-wide data to allow for reporting across the enterprise.  In addition, BedWatch can provide secure access to our data warehouse for enterprise customers to report on data using their existing Business Intelligence tools to support existing data visualization efforts.

The Most Powerful Technology on the Market


Multi-Facility Visibility

See All Facilities.  Gain the ability to log in once and see all facilities within your organization.   

Multi-Board Capabilities.  Open multiple bed boards simultaneously to have a real-time view of multi-hospitals.

Centralized Administration. Ability to handle administration and configuration functions from a single login.

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Get your Enterprise on your Mobile Device

Regional & Corporate Leadership Access.  Empower your regional and corporate leaders to gain secure access to relevant information across their system while on the go.

Regional Roles Supported.  Provide your leaders with access to their facilities. This includes regional, divisional, or entire system access based responsibility.

All Modules Supported.  Full access to all modules, features and functions supported for regional roles.  


Data & Security

Data Warehouse Access.  Get API access to the BedWatch data warehouse and pull data into your own enterprise business intelligence tools.

Identity Management.   Integrate BedWatch with your internal identity provider to enable Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities to improve security and aid governance efforts.

Unparalled Capabilities

Empower your operations and analytics teams with the right tools.


  • Enterprise Visibility
  • Support Regional Leadership
  • Direct & Secure Access to the BedWatch data warehouse
  • Identity Management / Single Sign On
  • Gain Multi-Hospital Access

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  • Gain Secure API access to the BedWatch data warehouse
  • Gain centralized direct access to ALL reporting capabilities provided at each facility within each local module.

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