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BedWatch Features Update | May 28, 2014

Steve Jourdan - May 28, 2014 11:15:00 AM

Patient throughput processes often see delays due to a wide range of obstacles, which can be extremely hard to pin-point without comprehensive, time- and date-stamped metrics following each step of the process. BedWatch Bed Control is designed specifically to help hospitals harness their own day-to-day performance data in order to drive lasting improvement in throughput processes, hospital-wide.

One of the most powerful reports BedWatch Bed Control offers to help hospital administrators identify potential areas of inefficiency is the BedWatch Ahead of Hospital ADT Discharge Report, also called the “BedWatch Ahead of ADT Report,” which calculates, to the minute, any discrepancy between when a patient bed is marked “Dirty” in Bed Control, and when the patient is discharged according to the hospitals’ ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) system.

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Bed Control is not beholden to the hospital’s ADT system, meaning housekeepers, nurses, administrators and EVS Directors can all mark a bed as “Dirty,” regardless of whether or not the ADT system “knows” the patient has been discharged.

Some of our users have driven significant improvement in their throughput processes by using this report to identify which units were showing the greatest lag time between beds marked “Dirty” in Bed Control and the ADT’s time stamp showing when the patient paper work was completed and officially “Discharged.”

Using this data, administrators are able to focus on the units or departments producing the greatest lag times, and adjust processes to address the specific issues that are causing the chronic delays. Over time, our partners have been able to successfully identify, address, and resolve bottlenecks in the process in order to drive long-term improvement and reduce patient wait times.

To learn more about this unique BedWatch Bed Control feature, as well as our other game-changing reports and tools, please visit our website or contact us for more information.

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