Bed Control

BedWatch® Bed Control is a cutting-edge bed management system designed to give patient placement and housekeeping staff real-time visibility and access to detailed bed status information, so that they are consistently able to turn beds over more quickly and place patients in the right bed, right away.

Operating in the cloud, Bed Control is a 100% mobile application, accessible from any Internet-capable device — including smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, and desktop computers alike — allowing users to manage patient placement in real time, on or off-site.

Bed Control Helps Hospital Staff:

  • Reduce Room Turnover Times
  • Reduce Patient Wait Times
  • Improve ED Throughput
  • Reduce Internal Waste
  • Improve Evaluation of Staff Performance
  • Improve Ability to Identify Delay Sources

BedWatch Bed BoardThe Bed Control Bed Board (above) provides a detailed view of each unit and bed in the facility or facilities, including the length of time each bed remains dirty, when the cleaning is in progress, and how long each turnover takes. It also allows users to designate a room as “STAT,” which automatically notifies the appropriate, available housekeeper, as well as the EVS manager, that the bed is a priority. Real-time notifications inform house supervisors and placement staff as soon as beds are clean and ready for the next patient. View an example of our Reporting Dashboards.

These unique features are designed to facilitate communication, management, and performance improvement:

  • Sophisticated ADT Feed Management Capabilities
  • Room Reservations
  • Isolation Indicators
  • Customizable Patient Attributes
  • Polite Paging
  • Zoning Capabilities
  • Stand-By Cleaner Zones
  • Spillover Cleaner Zones
  • “Maintenance Next” Notifications
  • “Clean” Notifications
  • Cleaner “Delay” Notifications
  • Cleaner “Break” Notifications
  • Customizable Escalation Notifications
  • Discharge Hotline
  • Optional “No Pages Over Budget” Controls
  • TV Display Dashboard
  • Customizable Reporting Dashboards
  • Customizable Bed Board View
  • Multi-Facility View
  • Internal Transfer Monitoring & Reporting
  • ADT Lag Monitoring & Reporting
  • Bed Turnover Monitoring & Reporting
  • EVS Response Time Monitoring & Reporting
  • Cleaning Time by Cleaner Monitoring & Reporting
  • No Auto-complete or Password Saving Ability
  • Timed Automatic Log Out
  • Job-Specific Views
  • Delegated User Management
  • Role-Based Access
  • IP-Based Access
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Pager System Integration
  • IVR (Phone System) Integration
  • Mobile Device Security

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