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Expanded “Transports by Transporter” Report Simplifies Navigation & Increases Visibility

Steve Jourdan - Dec 2, 2015 11:43:00 AM

BedWatch Transport Control users now have access to an expanded “Transports by Transporter” report. The updated report allows for units to be expanded and collapsed for easier viewing. Notice the “Expand” buttons next to each patient transporter’s name, in the column on the left.

transports by transporter with expandable units

Sample view of newly expanded “Transports by Transporter” report. Click to enlarge.

This feature makes it significantly easier for managers to view and navigate reports, particularly at larger hospitals with many units and a large team of patient transporters.

Once expanded, this report shows a highly detailed, task-by-task view for each patient transportation team member, including all time stamps, requester, and origin / destination information.

expanded transports by transporter view

Once expanded, the new “Transports by Transporter” report makes it easy for managers to quickly view all completed tasks by team member. Click to enlarge.

The expanded search function applies to any words in the expanded section, so it can be used to search for a bed, unit, patient or even a specific time stamp. While this feature is not new, it has been augmented with the new expanded reporting capabilities.

Ultimately, these expansion capabilities will be added to other BedWatch reports as well. For more information about BedWatch patient throughput technology tools, please contact us.

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