Transport Control

BedWatch® Transport Control is a request & dispatch management system that uses a crowd-sourcing approach and the latest mobile technology (including iPads, iPod Touches, Androids, and other Internet-capable smart phones) to help users manage and monitor patient transportation operations, and improve communication and efficiency — with or without an on-site dispatcher.

Patient transporters use Internet-capable hand-held device to claim available transport requests and update the system on-the-go, notifying the requester and appropriate managers of any delays as they occur, and ensuring that patient transportation requests are handled quickly, and that managers have accurate, real-time status information for each individual patient transport request.

Benefits for Transport Management & Staff:

  • Provides immediate collaboration capabilities
  • Facilitates real-time responses to transport requests
  • Ability to monitor status of ALL requests in real time from ANY mobile device
  • Fosters an empowered workforce
  • Operates with or without Dispatchers (Using our patent-pending Crowd Dispatch technology)

Benefits for Clinical Staff:

  • Ability to monitor the status of all requests in real time
  • Access to moment-to-moment status updates
  • Provides immediate indication of any delays
  • Ability to proactively manage procedural schedules
  • Eliminates need for multiple phone calls, or waiting on hold for a dispatcher
  • Provides true transparency in the transport process

View some of our Real Hospital Results.

Transport WatchThe Transport Control Transport Watch tool (above) allows hospital staff to monitor the status and progress of their individual patient transportation requests in real time, receiving real-time updates and notifications regarding progress and delays, which ultimately enables hospital staff to better manage time and resources based on an accurate view of real-time data.

These unique features help transporters and hospital staff streamline communication and make throughput more efficient: 

  • Crowd-Source or Dispatcher Operation Options
  • Automatic EVS Discharge Notifications
  • “Smart” Patient Return / Patient Forwarding Capabilities
  • Pre-Scheduled Transports
  • Customizable Patient Attributes
  • Isolation Indicators
  • Volunteer Group Inclusion Capabilities
  • Assistance Requests
  • Transporter “Break” Notifications
  • Transport Progress Tracking “Leader Board”
  • Built-in Group SMS Texting for Transporters
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Message Logging
  • Built-in Oxygen Needs Calculator
  • Real-Time Progress Monitoring & Reporting
  • Delay Monitoring & Reporting (with Reasons)
  • Average Completion Time by Transporter Monitoring & Reporting
  • Average Completion Time by Unit Monitoring & Reporting
  • Total Transports by Transporter Monitoring & Reporting
  • Total Transports by Unit Monitoring & Reporting
  • Equipment Transport Monitoring & Reporting

Review some of our Real Hospital Results, view an example of our Reporting Dashboardsor learn more about our Features & Benefits and our other Products & Services.

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