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BedWatch Features Update | March 19, 2014

Steve Jourdan - Mar 19, 2014 9:10:00 PM

New Features

BW ahead of ADT chart

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1) “BedWatch® Ahead of ADT” Report
Modules affected: Bed Control
In addition to the available charts, users can now run comprehensive reports comparing the data in BedWatch® to the data provided by the hospital ADT system, allowing them to identify exactly how much wait-time is being saved by using the technology. The new report is available by clicking on the chart from the Discharge Dashboard, or through the Bed Control Reports directory.

2) Clinical Users: Lift Assistance Request Option
 Modules affected: Transport Control
Transport Control users can now use the tool to request assistance lifting a patient, even when they are not being prepared for transport. Requesters can now check a box under Transport Information for “Lift Request.”  When this checkbox is clicked, it will remove the To Unit/To Bed selectors, and allow the clinical staff member to use Transport Control to simply request assistance in lifting a patient; the Transport Team’s  iPods will show the Transport Type as “Lift Request” instead of Patient or Equipment.Transport Control Lift Request option

Bug Fixes

  • Discharges by Unit report missing some turnover times (fixed)
  • STAT Discharges by Unit report missing some turnover times (fixed)
  • STAT Transport requests not showing as red on iPods (fixed)

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