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New Admit Control Features Allow Hospital EDs to Track Patients Pending Discharge vs. Patients Pending Transfer to Surgery

Steve Jourdan - Aug 24, 2016 12:30:00 PM

BedWatch Admit Control users making bed requests within the Emergency Department (ED) now have the ability to indicate whether the patient in question will be discharged, or if he or she will be transferred to surgery, in order to help patient placement staff within the hospital better anticipate incoming patient volume from the ED.

This new feature improves communication by allowing users in the ED to give patient placement staff immediate notice of a change of plan for patients holding in the ED.  

Admit Control - ED Request Options - Pending Discharge or Transfer to Surgery

Admit Control Emergency Department Bed Request Options

Users simply select the the appropriate ED Bed Request Type from the Bed Request screen. These “Pending Discharge” and “Pending Transfer to Surgery” options will only appear if the “from” unit selected is the ED.

Once either “Pending Discharge” or “Pending Transfer to Surgery” is selected and the bed request is submitted, a corresponding icon will appear on the Admit Control Bed Board, to notify patient placement staff and any other Admit Control users of the status.

BedWatch Admit Control - ED Bed Request Icon Flags Screen Shot

Admit Control Bed Board Icons Indicating ED Pending Transfers

This feature allows hospital leaders within the ED, as well as patient placement, to more accurately measure ED wait times, and to more effectively segment performance data. Paired with an engaged leadership group, a more accurate understanding of operational data can ultimately help drive process improvement.

Like all BedWatch products, Admit Control features free updates and upgrades, rolled out to all users in real time. For more information about this new Admit Control feature, or any of our patient throughput management and visibility tools, please contact us.

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