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“Bed Placements by Hour” Report Helps Hospital Patient Placement Teams Understand Real-Time Capacity Information

Steve Jourdan - Aug 10, 2016 8:50:00 AM

BedWatch Admit Control features a “Bed Placements by Hour” report, which allows all Admit Control users within a hospital or system to access accurate data around daily patient placement activity, hour by hour.

The “Bed Placements by Hour” report makes it easy for patient placement staff and other hospital leaders to track high and low incoming patient placement rates, as well as in-house patient transfers, in order to better understand real-time capacity needs.

Sample BedWatch Admit Control "Bed Placements by Hour" Report screen shot. Click to enlarge.

Sample BedWatch Admit Control “Bed Placements by Hour” Report screen shot. Click to enlarge.


This tool provides the ability to measure activity by time of day.  One popular way of viewing this is comparing Admits and Discharges by time of day as this can help hospital staff with their capacity planning efforts.

The tool allows users to dynamically select:

  • All Bed Requests
  • Admit Requests
  • Transfer Requests
  • Bed Assignments
  • Bed Placements
  • Discharges

In addition, users can filter by:

  • Requesting Unit
  • Receiving Unit
  • Request Type (Admit or Transfer)
  • Date

These capabilities allow staff to an high level analysis and then quickly drill down to specific areas in order to identify the areas of focus in order to optimize process improvement efforts.

The report also helps users identify and address bottlenecks as they occur in the patient placement process, specifically between “Bed Requested” and “Bed Assigned,” and between “Bed Assigned” and “Patient Placed.”

Hospital leaders and placement staff alike can use the “Bed Placements by Hour” report to quickly view important patient placement metrics, including:

  • Total Bed Requests
  • Average Bed Request Time
  • Average Patient Placement Time
  • Average Total Bed Request & Patient Placement Time

Like all BedWatch reports, the “Bed Placements by Hour” report can be filtered by date, unit(s), and request type (new placement vs. internal transfer).

For more information about BedWatch reports, or any of our patient throughput management tools, please contact us.

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