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New Report Summarizes Average Patient Transportation Completion Times by Month to Simplify Performance Assessment

Steve Jourdan - Oct 5, 2016 9:22:00 AM

BedWatch Transport Control now features a specialized “Average Transport Completion Times by Month” report which aggregates average completion times into a clear, dynamic report that can easily be exported as an image to simplify internal performance reporting.


BedWatch Transport Control “Average Transport Completion Times by Month” Report screen shot. Click to enlarge.

While this data has always been available in BedWatch Transport Control, previous reports required the user to manually aggregate averages.

This new report takes the manual work out of the equation and makes it easy for patient transport managers and hospital leaders alike to access, view, and act on patient transportation performance trends.

Like all BedWatch reports, data included in the Average Transport Completion Time by Month report can be quickly and easily exported as a .CSV or .PDF file to allow hospital users to quickly incorporate data from BedWatch into their own reporting tools.

By providing real-time visibility into patient transportation operations, BedWatch helps hospital leaders better understand their daily patient transport needs and challenges, and provides accountability throughout the process.

For more information on BedWatch Transport Control or any of our patient flow technology tools, please contact us.

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