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BedWatch Launches New Mobile Platform

Shannon Kostecka - Aug 11, 2017 9:38:00 AM

BedWatch has launched an exciting new platform that empowers support service staff and clinical teams.

Mobile technology is a major discussion in healthcare, however, building a truly device-agnostic mobile platform that can consistently stand up to the rigors of the 24/7 healthcare environments is no small task.  Thanks to the brilliant work of our engineering and significant customer feedback, we are proud to introduce BedWatch Mobilize.

Key benefits and features of BedWatch Mobilize include:

Save Money – Many healthcare facilities are still using pagers to support their transport, EVS, and clinical teams.  Pagers are expensive to repair and replace and require an ongoing monthly service fee.  By using mobile devices with BedWatch Mobilize, facilities can completely eliminate monthly pager service fees, which can make the total cost for switching to mobile solutions less expensive over time.  

Free Upgrade – The upgrade to BedWatch mobile features are included at no additional charge to existing customers.

Improved Productivity – By going mobile, facilities will have further visibility, accountability, and efficiency across all departments.

New EVS & Transport Mobile Apps –   These apps have been completely revamped and improved with a clean, easy-to-use interface to help ensure short training times and usability.
Now Supports ANY mobile device – Our newly designed apps are device agnostic and can be used on any mobile device that has a web browser. This prevents unnecessary expenses by eliminating the need to use specific hardware and allows hospitals to choose their preferred mobile device type, such as  iOS, Android, or Blackberry.  

Manage on the Go – We have made significant enhancements to our apps, making them more user friendly for support service teams.  Now, EVS and placement staff can stay informed about discharge statuses and bed availability with a click of a button; and placement staff can easily mark rooms STAT and be notified immediately when rooms are cleaned and ready for the next patient. Additionally, EVS and transport managers gain full visibility into the status of their teams without the need to be in front of their desktop computer.

Secure Messaging – Managers and staff gain access to built-in secure messaging capabilities with our new mobile apps.  This allows managers and team members to stay informed and coordinate while reducing phone calls.

EVS Crowdsourcing – Our patented crowdsourcing technology has significantly improved efficiencies within patient transportation departments across the country. Because of its proven success, we have extended crowdsourcing to our Bed Control module for EVS teams. This feature can be toggled on or off as appropriate and provides the ultimate flexibility for management teams who wish to run discharge cleaners in zones during the day and then run crowdsourcing in the evening or weekends when staffing and supervision is more challenging.  This will further improve our ability to help our partners achieve and surpass target bed turn-over times.

BedWatch’s mobile solutions have enabled many hospital partners to reduce phone calls and improve visibility and efficiency while generating meaningful results.

Please feel free to contact your account manager if you are interested in taking advantage of these features.  If you are new to BedWatch, please contact us to arrange a live demo and learn how our solutions can help support your facility.  

Stay tuned for more BedWatch innovations coming soon.


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