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New Feature Update – Bed Ahead

Shannon Kostecka - Sep 6, 2017 8:19:38 AM

BedWatch Bed Ahead Saves Nursing Time!

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY – In our quest to continue to help hospitals reduce ED hold times, BedWatch recently introduced, Bed Ahead, a new feature that is available immediately as a FREE upgrade to Admit Control!

AC Board Unit Notes

This feature facilitates cross-departmental communication and helps locate optimal bed placements for incoming patients. Each unit can simply enter their list of preferred next beds (sometimes known as bed ahead) along with any notes. Placement staff can easily access this information, and know which beds the units suggest without making numerous phone calls.

AC Bed Ahead Notes Screen

BedWatch’s Bed Ahead functionality is simple and easy to use. From the Admit Control bed board, click on the “…” button at the top of the unit, enter the notes within the free text field, and click the “update” button. This can be continually updated throughout the day as needed.

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BedWatch Launches New Mobile Platform

Shannon Kostecka - Aug 11, 2017 9:38:00 AM

BedWatch has launched an exciting new platform that empowers support service staff and clinical teams.

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