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BedWatch Provides Placement Staff with Hospital-Wide & System-Wide Bed Status Views

Steve Jourdan - Jun 10, 2015 11:39:00 AM

One of the top complaints we hear from House Supervisors and Patient Placement staff is that they do not have access to real-time bed status information in their hospitals — BedWatch solves that problem by making the status of every bed in the hospital or system visible from a single Bed Board.

BedWatch offers a variety of whole-house views, from the highly detailed and collapsible bed board to condensed graph views and individual unit views — each of which provide placement staff with the “air traffic control” visibility necessary to place patients quickly and effectively. BedWatch can also provide bed status views across multiple hospital facilities, regardless of their location or proximity to one another.

Bed Board screen shot 03.2015

The BedWatch Bed Board features collapsible units, making it easy to view real-time bed status information across an entire hospital or multi-campus system. Click to enlarge.

By breaking down communication silos and ensuring all team members who need it have access to real-time bed status information hospital-wide, BedWatch allows hospital leaders to more accurately monitor daily operations and better manage the hospital’s resources, taking into account anticipated discharge times as well as incoming patient needs.

Providing hospital-wide bed status visibility makes it easier for patient placement staff to make informed decisions on the go, and to reduce unnecessary wait times, ensuring patients are able to get the care they need, faster.

View some of our Real Hospital Results for examples of how our partners have used BedWatch to drive performance improvement. Please contact us for more information.

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