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BedWatch Admit Control Now Supports Orders!

Steve Jourdan - Jan 31, 2019 3:02:25 PM


AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY - BedWatch has added Orders Integration capabilities.  This can be added to the Admit Control Module to support enhanced capabilities.  This means that key patient flow related orders and indicators can automatically appear on bed boards and can cause automated notifications to the proper staff in real-time with no data entry required.

Orders Overview

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The following features are now supported:

  • Admit Orders - These can auto-generate a bed request in Admit Control.  Requests will pop up automatically and the time stamp will be time at which the order for admit was created.  This means, for example, that ED Hold times can be tracked more accurately within BedWatch, placement staff will have faster notification of bed requests, and requesters will spend less time entering data.

Admit Orders
  • Transfer Orders - These can auto-generate an internal transfer request.  For example, if a patient is moving from a higher level of care to a lower level of care the “T” will automatically appear on the board and a bed request will be automatically be generated.  And, in turn, an automatic notification can be triggered.

Transfer Orders
  • Observation Orders - These will automatically mark the observation status on the patient and start the observation clock.  Notifications can then be set up through BedWatch Alerts for any obs patient that exceed a predetermined time threshold. For example, it may be appropriate for Case Management to receive an alert from BedWatch when a patient has been in observation status for more than 22 hours so that a determination can be made regarding whether the patient meets inpatient criteria prior to the deadline.

Observation Orders
  • Pending Discharge Orders - These will automatically mark a patient as a pending discharge and start the Pending Discharge timer.  This provides better visibility around discharge planning for Clinical and EVS teams.

Pending Discharge Orders

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Real-Time Visibility & Notifications - See orders appear on the boards immediately with no data entry and set up automatic alerting through BedWatch Alerts based on specific facility goals.
Save-Time - Even less manual entry of information is required by clinicians.
Save Money - Reduce lost opportunities in observation patient management, reduce ED hold time, and gain virtual bed capacity by improving the discharge process.


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