BedWatch® was founded in 2010 as a division of Hospital Housekeeping Systems, an acute-care support service management provider with nearly four decades of experience serving the healthcare industry.

BedWatch® represents the next evolution of healthcare technology. HHS’s executive group, led by CIO Steve Jourdan, possessed a unique understanding of the challenges patient throughput processes can pose for their 350+ hospital partners, and set out to devise a solution that would improve efficiency, increase visibility, and reduce unnecessary waste.

When cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) technology began to mature, Jourdan and his team immediately saw its potential to revolutionize healthcare technology as we know it—not only by eliminating the need for complex on-site servers and other costly hardware, but also by providing a simpler user experience and a dramatically more capable and scalable overall solution.

Over the following year, Jourdan and his team worked tirelessly to develop what would ultimately become BedWatch®, beginning with Bed Control, which streamlines patient placement and room turnover processes by breaking down communication silos and providing real-time bed status information. Transport Control would follow in 2011, leveraging crowd-sourcing technology to increase efficiency in the patient transport process and eliminate the need for an on-site dispatcher. Admit Control, launched in 2015, incorporates physician admissions and optional PHI to provide a door-to-door throughput management solution for hospitals of all sizes.

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