BedWatch® is a cutting-edge, cloud-based patient throughput management system designed to provide house supervisors, patient placement coordinators, transporters, and housekeeping staff with real-time visibility, instantaneous communication, and unprecedented control over the day-to-day operations they manage.

BedWatch® was designed to ‘plug in’ to virtually any existing hospital system, providing complete mobile access, and allowing authorized users to manage patient placements and automatically notify housekeepers of discharged beds on-the-go, and in real time.

BedWatch® is Proven to Help Hospitals:

  • Reduce Average Length of Stay
  • Reduce Room Turnover Times
  • Reduce Patient Wait Times
  • Reduce Bottlenecks in the E.D.
  • Reduce Transportation Delays
  • Reduce Occurrences of Patients ‘Left Without Being Seen’

Because BedWatch® is built in the cloud, it doesn’t require any onsite servers, and can be accessed on tablets, smart phones and stationary computers alike—all it requires is a reliable Internet connection. Managers can monitor daily operations in real time, on or off-site, and detailed, built-in reporting and analytics tools help key users identify bottlenecks and areas of inefficiency, and empowers them to drive real process change.

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