Mission, Vision & Values

Mission & Vision

Improve Patient’s Access to Care by:

  • Employing Passionate People
  • Providing Advanced Technology Tools
  • Following Lean Process Improvement


  • Courage – We place a high value on communicating openly, honestly, and clearly with each other and our customers. We work to establish and maintain environments built on trust.
  • Respect – Everyone, no matter their position, deserves the same level of respect.  We value the opinion of others and we promote an environment of open, honest, and straightforward communication.
  • Passion – We believe in our mission and we care about the quality of our work. We are passionate about making a positive impact on healthcare and improving the lives of patients.
  • Service – We work hard to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations and deliver outstanding solutions. We go the extra mile to solve problems in a timely manner and deliver on our promises.
  • Knowledge – We acknowledge that healthcare and technology are continually changing and we place a high value on knowledge and continued learning.
  • Technology as a Tool – We believe that people are process drivers and technology is a tool to promote and aid in that endeavor.

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