Why BedWatch?

BedWatch® helps hospitals administrators identify and eliminate inefficiency in their throughput processes.

It was designed by healthcare support service professionals with more than three decades of hands-on experience serving hospital partners, and provides an unprecedented level of control and oversight across patient placement, housekeeping, transportation, and maintenance departments.

Why should you choose BedWatch® to increase efficiency and provide transparency in your throughput processes?

  • Our Approach to Service differentiates us from traditional throughput management systems, because we are committed to service, quality, and true partnership; we rely on our partners’ feedback to help us continue to improve our products.
  • Our Features & Benefits include an unparalleled level of access to information, visibility across departments, and extensive reporting capabilities, which allow our users to proactively manage, analyze, and improve their throughput processes.
  • Our Comprehensive Built-In Reporting helps hospital administrators objectively assess throughput processes and performance in order to identify and address chronic issues and drive continuous improvement.
  • Our technology provides significant Return on Investment opportunities by helping hospitals reduce ‘Left Without Being Seen’ rates, improve ED hold times, increase efficiency in bed turnover, and reduce patient wait times.

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