Features & Benefits

BedWatch® Bed Control, Transport Control & Admit Control were developed by health care support service and IT professionals to address and resolve the inherent challenges throughput operations present in today’s hospitals.

BedWatch® Provides Hospital Partners:

Time Savings for Clinical Staff

BedWatch® provides Clinical staff with the tools and transparency necessary to better manage their time and resources. By automating notifications to EVS and Patient Placement staff, BedWatch® eliminates the need for excessive phone calls or rounding to identify available beds, and frees nursing staff to spend more time caring for the patients on their units.

Real-Time Visibility & Customizable Notifications

BedWatch® Bed Control provides a real-time view of bed status information & updates across all hospital units, ensuring Patient Placement, Clinical, EVS, and Transportation staff members have access to accurate data as it happens. Additionally, customizable notifications can be added to alert key users of relevant status changes — such as a Patient Discharge, Clean Bed, Maintenance Request, Isolation Discharge, STAT Bed Request, etc. — via email or SMS text. As a result, these key staff members are able to turn over rooms and place patients faster, and better manage valuable hospital resources.

100% Mobile Access on Any Device, Anywhere

BedWatch® is designed to provide complete mobile access via any Internet-capable mobile, tablet, or desktop computing device. Built on a responsive web design platform, BedWatch® automatically adjusts based on the viewer’s screen size, ensuring maximum usability. Because it’s based in the cloud, BedWatch® is accessible by users from anywhere with Internet access, on- or off-site.

Comprehensive, Objective Reporting & Metrics

BedWatch® helps hospitals drive meaningful process change by arming key staff with comprehensive data regarding each step of the throughput process, from average room turnover time, to average cleaning time by housekeeper, to patient discharges by hour, and more. This extensive array of data allows hospital administrators to identify areas of inefficiency, and to conduct truly objective assessments of departmental processes as well as EVS & Transport staff performance. View examples of our Reports & Dashboards.

Efficient Implementation & Intuitive Training

BedWatch® is designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing hospital Admission-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) system, and Implementation requires only a fraction of hospital IT staff time and support, compared to traditional systems. Our Implementation Engineers handle the majority of the programming, set-up, and preliminary training remotely, before arriving on-site for a 3-to-4 day “Go Live” phase, which hands-on training, system launch, and discrepancy resolution. BedWatch® has an intuitive user-interface, which makes training and user-adoption simple and straightforward; in fact, most users are fully-trained and actively using the system within hours of Implementation.

Seamless Integration & Sophisticated ADT-Feed Management

BedWatch® was designed to “plug in” to any existing ADT system in order to facilitate information access and streamline communication throughout the different departments involved in the throughput process. BedWatch® can be linked to any hospital ADT system via a secure HL7 gateway, maintained on site for maximum security.

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant Data Access

Security is absolutely critical, which is why BedWatch® was designed using cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant end-to-end encryption and the best practices of the highly-regulated financial sector. BedWatch® connects to the hospital ADT system via an HL7 gateway, set-up and maintained on-site, and built-in role-based access controls and IP-based access restrictions ensure only authorized users are able to access the system.

Flexible Contract Terms & No Risk

Our goal is to provide the best throughput management system on the market, and to make it available to all hospitals, regardless of size, location, or affiliation. Since BedWatch® is built in the cloud, there are no on-site hardware or server costs associated with the system, and partners are able to implement the system without significant up-front investments in time or resources, and can quickly begin to see improvements in operational efficiency. We believe in our products, and we are confident BedWatch® can help any hospital improve throughput, which is why we offer flexible contract terms, ranging from 30 days to five years or more.

Significant ROI Potential Through Increased Operational Efficiency

Each year, hospitals lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue due to operational inefficiency and poor HCAHPS results. Increasing efficiency and improving ED Hold Times can help shorten patient wait times and reduce LWBS rates, which can ultimately improve patient satisfaction and even decrease average length of stay. BedWatch® provides hospital administrators with a wealth of time-and-date-stamped data about the daily operational procedures at their facilities, and allows them to identify and address areas of inefficiency in order to improve long-term performance. View examples of our hospital partners’ results.

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