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“Bed Placements by Hour” Report Helps Hospital Patient Placement Teams Understand Real-Time Capacity Information

BedWatch Admit Control features a “Bed Placements by Hour” report, which allows all Admit Control users within a hospital or system to access accurate data around daily patient placement activity, hour by hour.

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BedWatch to Sponsor 2016 NAHTM Annual Conference

BedWatch is proud to continue our long-standing partnership with the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM) by sponsoring the organization’s 2016 annual conference.

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Fixing ED Throughput: Studies Show Associated Reductions in ED LOS & LWBS Rates

ED throughput is a chronic source of delays and headaches for many hospitals.

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Building a Successful Patient Throughput Committee

Patient throughput, also called patient flow, is often a source of headaches for hospital administrators and department leaders. Bottlenecks or breakdowns at any point in the process can cause unnecessary inefficiency and significant wait times for patients and placement staff.

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