EVS Directors Can Now Update Zone Assignments Without Re-Paging Team Members

Environmental Services directors using BedWatch Bed Control now have the ability to change or update cleaner zone assignments without automatically re-paging all on-duty team members.

Previously, updating zone assignments at shift change would cause currently-assigned tasks to be re-paged within the parameters of the new zone assignments.

Now, directors can choose whether or not to automatically re-page existing jobs by simply checking or unchecking a small box above the “Update All Zone Assignments” button, and can make that decision on a day-by-day and job-by-job basis.

Assign Zone to Cleaners screen shot

This improved feature makes it easier for EVS directors to get team members on a new shift up and running without derailing those team members who are still wrapping up tasks from the previous shift before they leave for the day.

As a result, EVS directors using BedWatch have a greater ability to truly make BedWatch work for them – and their teams. 

For more information about BedWatch Bed Control and the rest of our patient throughput management tools, please contact us.

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