BedWatch Allows Users to Reserve Beds for Incoming Patients

By on February 1, 2016 in News

reserve bed detailBedWatch Bed Control users have the ability to reserve a bed — regardless of its current state, occupied, dirty, or otherwise — for a specific incoming patient.

BedWatch Bed Control makes it easy for patient placement staff to manage the flow of patients throughout the hospital. In order to reserve a patient bed, the user simply selects the bed, and checks the “Reserve” box.

Placement staff can enter the patient name, as well as any other relevant notes, in the free-entry section. These notes will be viewable by all users with the appropriate security access.

reserve bed completeOnce a bed is reserved, the Bed Control Bed Board will update automatically, and the updated bed status will be visible to all users. This feature helps streamline the patient placement process, and eliminates the potential for beds to be double-booked.

All BedWatch patient throughput technology tools are designed to improve patient placement processes and break down communication silos.

To learn more about BedWatch Bed Control or any of our groundbreaking patient flow tools, please contact us.



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