BedWatch Uses Smart Automation to Reduce Unnecessary Wait Times

By on July 13, 2016 in News

BedWatch Admit Control, Bed Control and Transport Control are designed to provide an accurate view of the day-to-day patient movements around a hospital, and to allow hospital staff members to make immediate patient placement and throughput decisions based the real-time information.

One of the many benefits of combining BedWatch products is the increased efficiency achieved by the simple and smart automation of recurring task notifications. When BedWatch Admit Control and Bed Control are combined with Transport Control, several traditionally-manual tasks become automated.

How does BedWatch use smart automation to speed up processes?

  • When a placement assignment is made in Admit Control, the placement team can automatically trigger a patient transport request to all on-duty transport team members.
  • When a patient is being discharged and a transporter indicates on his or her BedWatch handheld device that the patient transport is “en route,” BedWatch automatically notifies the appropriate housekeeping team members of the dirty room.
  • If placement staff receive an urgent placement request and need to prioritize the cleaning of a specific room, they can update the status of the bed to “STAT” and BedWatch will automatically re-page all available team members, pushing the request to the top of the priority list.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of combining BedWatch products. BedWatch also features customizable notifications, so department managers can determine what exactly they want to receive notifications about, and at what point in the process then would like to receive them.

BedWatch provides a real-time view of hospital resources and helps to empower hospital staff to speed up processes and reduce unnecessary administrative down time, which ultimately reduces patient wait times, and can help to improve clinical outcomes as well as the overall patient experience.

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