BedWatch Features Update: Focus on Patient Satisfaction | July 23, 2014

BedWatch Transport Control features a built-in Patient Satisfaction Audit tool, designed to help transport managers ensure their team members deliver exceptional service to every patient, every day. Daily patient satisfaction audits promote consistency of service quality, and allow managers to immediately identify and address any potential patient satisfaction issues as soon as they arise. As a result, BedWatch Transport Control helps hospitals increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs and down-time, all while driving improvements in patient satisfaction and staff engagement.

Like all BedWatch products, the Transport Control Patient Satisfaction Audit tool is intuitive and user-friendly. It puts the customizable, weighted-response audit tool at the manager’s fingertips, alongside charts and reports depicting historical data for each transport team member.

TC Patient Sat Charts screen

The Transport Control Patient Satisfaction Audit Charts page provides dynamic, comprehensive performance data across the Patient Transport department.

Successful patient satisfaction programs hinge on the constant commitment and engagement of the hospital staff members that serve those patients, day-in and day-out. Daily assessment and review of patient satisfaction standards, expectations, and best practices helps ensure that team members who consistently provide excellent service receive the recognition and appreciation they deserve – and that those who struggle with certain aspects of service receive the additional, ongoing training and counseling necessary to drive improvement.

TC Patient Sat audit screen

The Transport Control Patient Satisfaction Audit is simple and straightforward, and can easily be completed in just a few minutes.

The intuitive, user-friendly Patient Satisfaction Audit is easily accessible and can be conducted with a patient in just a few minutes. Simple “yes” and “no” questions result in a weighted score for each Patient Transport team member, and an additional, free-entry “Notes” section allows managers to record any additional relevant information, as he or she sees fit.

Historical data on each Patient Satisfaction Audit conducted and each Patient Transportation team member can be easily accessed in either the Charts or Reports section; the Charts offer a dynamic, graphic visualization of the data, while the Reports provide a the detailed source data in a standard text format.

TC Patient Sat Reports screen

The Transport Control Patient Satisfaction Audit Reports page condenses historical data on every Patient Satisfaction Audit conducted into a simple list format.

The BedWatch Transport Control Patient Satisfaction Audit is a powerful tool for Patient Transport managers, quality officers, and hospital administrators alike. By facilitating and simplifying the daily Patient Satisfaction audit process, Transport Control helps hospitals accurately and objectively track and assess the performance of the Patient Transport department as a whole, as well as the individual transporters. Daily assessment and reinforcement of patient satisfaction standards and expectations help promote a greater level of engagement among Patient Transport team members, and recognition of excellent service helps improve morale and even help decrease employee turnover.

To learn more about the BedWatch Transport Control Patient Satisfaction Audit tool, please contact For more information about BedWatch Transport Control and our other patient throughput management tools, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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