BedWatch Features Update | Feb. 5, 2014

BedWatch Drop Down Menu Screen Shot

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New Features

1. Restructured Module Drop-Down Menus
Modules Affected: Bed Control & Transport Control
We’ve reorganized the module drop-down menus to improve the user experience.

2. Truly Real-Time Updates
Modules Affected: Bed Control & Transport Control
Improvements to the back-end of the system ensure that updates and upgrades can now be pushed live to all users almost instantaneously, so users will no longer experience system “down-time” during our bi-monthly updates.

3. Customizable “State” Alerts
Modules Affected: Bed Control & Transport Control
Administrators can now establish and customize multiple escalation notifications and set automatic alerts to multiple people and devices when certain “states” occur, such as a dirty bed being marked “STAT,” or a patient transport request marked as “delayed.”

Bug Fixes

  • Clinical bed board unit folding was not saving updates (fixed)
  • Pending discharges dates would not accept dashes or slashes (fixed)
  • Bed board unit folding caused entire page to refresh (fixed) 
  • “Other Equipment” field would not send request due to validation errors (fixed)

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