Big Data in Healthcare: What Does It Really Mean?

When Doug Laney first pioneered the concept of big data in 2001 (though he didn’t call it that), he defined it as having three specific characteristics, which when combined, push traditional data management techniques and capabilities to their limits: volume, velocity, & variety.

In a blog post on written by Jared Crapo, VP of Health Catalyst,  titled Big Data in Healthcare: Separating the Hype from the Reality, Crapo breaks down the concept of Big Data and how it applies to healthcare.

Like any industry, healthcare faces its own unique challenges where data management is concerned, and “compared with many other industries, healthcare has been a late adopter of analytics,” according to Crapo.

“Data analytics, wisely used, can create business value and competitive advantage,” Crapo explains. “Most health systems have lots of opportunities to improve clinical quality and financial performance, and analytics are required to identify and take advantage of those opportunities.”

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