BedWatch Bed History Report Provides Detailed Bed Status Snapshot

BedWatch Bed Control includes a Bed History report, which allows users to view the timestamps and statistics associated with the entire turnover process by each patient bed, including length of stay, bed vacancy time, housekeeper response time, cleaning time, and total bed turnover time.

Sample BedWatch Bed History Report

Sample BedWatch Bed History Report. Click to enlarge.

BedWatch collects time and date stamps around each point of the throughput process, and the Bed History log allows administrators and other users to drill down to access detailed information about the progress of the turnover process for each individual bed.

This report also helps hospital leaders identify chronic bottlenecks, process breakdowns, and individuals who may need more training.

For more information about BedWatch Bed Control and our other patient throughput management tools, please contact us.

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