Admit Control Supports Charge-to-Charge Patient Placement

The BedWatch suite of patient throughput management tools — Admit Control, Bed Control and Transport Control — are designed to empower hospital users to communicate with one another and manage patient flow processes in real time.

For smaller hospitals without a centralized bed management function we support “charge-to-charge” patient placement. As the name suggests, this process involves a charge nurse in an outpatient or inpatient unit requesting a bed directly from a charge nurse in an inpatient unit.

Bedwatch Admit Control supports customizable notifications throughout the patient placement process. We alert a charge nurse with on-screen alerts or via their smartphone or pager, letting them know that a bed has been requested in their unit.

Like all BedWatch tools, Admit Control features comprehensive time-and-date-stamped metrics and robust built-in reporting to help hospital leaders more proactively — and efficiently — manage the patient flow process.

For more information on charge-to-charge patient placement, or any of our patient flow tools, please contact us. 

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