400-Bed Mississippi Hospital Group Reduces Avg. Patient Transport Completion Time by 20%

Using BedWatch® Transport Control, the transport staff at this 400-bed two-hospital system in Mississippi has successfully reduced average transport completion times (from the time the transport request is entered to the time the transport is completed) from 20 minutes in April, when the system was implemented, to just 16 minutes in August.

“I have a great staff that has really embraced Transport Control, and it has helped us drive down our average transport completion times across both campuses,” says Transport Director Ben Smith.

“Being able to run reports to figure out when my busiest days and hours are allows me to schedule employees when I need them the most,” Smith explains, “and being able to communicate with all the Transporters with just the click of a button saves me from running around trying to find someone on the floors.”

For more information on how BedWatch® Transport Control can help hospital staff improve operational efficiency and drive faster turnover and transport results, please contact us, or feel free to schedule a live demo.

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