260+ Bed New Mexico Hospital Reduces Average Bed Turnover by 25% in Two Years

When this New Mexico medical center implemented BedWatch® Bed Control in June 2011, the average bed turnover time for the 260+ bed facility, which serves more than 300,000 area residents, was 85 minutes. Over the next year, they drove that number down to 75 minutes. As of Q3 2013, the year-to-date average bed turnover time is just 65 minutes.

Turnover since 2011 - NM - 250+ bedsThe medical center’s EVS Director credits the sustained improvement to “the engagement and daily efforts of the front-line team members.”

By automatically notifying the appropriate housekeeper as soon as a patient is discharged and a bed needs to be turned over, “BedWatch® ensures my team members are able to get beds turned over as quickly as possible, and allows me to proactively manage and monitor all active turnover requests from my tablet or phone, no matter where I am, on or off-site.”

For more information on how BedWatch® Bed Control helps partners like this one improve operational efficiency and drive faster bed turnover, please contact us, or feel free to schedule a live demo.

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