BedWatch Features Update | Jan. 8, 2014

At BedWatch®, we pride ourselves on continuous development and improvement. Every two weeks, a new batch of features and other updates are deployed, and we’ll post an overview of key updates and screenshots of new features here. Check back every two weeks for the latest update information!

New Features

1. Guest User Option
Modules Affected: Bed Control
There is now a “Bed Board Only, View Only, Non-PHI” Guest User for Bed Control, that has a link to simply access the app.  This user can then be restricted by IP address.

2. Patient Drop-Down Selection Field on Transport Request Page
Modules Affected: Transport Control
Users requesting patient transports can now select the patient name from an alphabetized drop-down list on the Patient Transport Request page in the Transport Control app.

Transport Patient Drop-Down Screenshot - Feature Update for Blog 1.8.14


  • Patient name “Clean up” (capitalized, alphabetized listing)
  • Search box within the drop down for quickly finding a patient
  • Automatically defaults to the From Unit and From Bed of the patient (still manually editable)
  • Displays and disables Patient First Name, Last Name and ID on form
  • Displays Isolation (still manually editable)
  • Reset button for clearing out the selected patient
  • Ability to still “free-hand” enter a patient transport request
  • This feature is not accessible to “guest user” accounts, where users can make transport requests anonymously.
  • This feature can only access patients who are currently admitted to a bed in Bed Control.

3. Optional Alert Banner
Modules Affected: Bed Control & Transport Control
Facility Admins can now add a banner across the app that will appear for all users, in order to alert them of scheduled maintenance, Joint Commission visits, or other hospital-wide announcements and reminders.

Alert Banner Screen Shot

4. Authenticated User IP Whitelisting
Modules Affected: Bed Control & Transport Control
There is now a separate ability to restrict all authenticated users of a facility to a range of IP Addresses.

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