Data Security

BedWatch is committed to delivering the highest quality and most effective patient throughput technology tools to our partner hospitals, which is why we strive to not only meet, but exceed HIPAA security standards.

Here are just a few of the ways BedWatch safeguards patient data:

Role-Based Views & Authorization
BedWatch features role-based views and authorization, meaning that access to data within BedWatch (Protected Health Information as well as operational data) is only accessible to individuals with expressed permission. As a result, different views are available to different team members, and each can only access what he or she needs to complete daily job responsibilities.

IP / Location-Based Access
BedWatch products offer IP-based access (also known as location-based access) which can be specified down to the individual IP address, meaning the hospital can designate which employees, if any, can access data off-site, and helps to ensure the security of patient data by limiting access to the hospital’s physical premises.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Optional multi-factor authentication allows hospitals to require multiple forms of identification and authentication before granting access. Requiring more than one independent factor increases the difficulty of providing false credentials, and adds a greater level of security to patient data.

Encryption “In Flight”
All data contained within BedWatch is encrypted “in flight,” in accordance with HIPAA standards. Whenever data is transmitted between systems via the Internet, it is encrypted using SSL, HTTPS, and VPN protocols in order to ensure the data cannot be intercepted and accessed by an external party.

Encryption “At Rest”
BedWatch also encrypts all data “at rest,” meaning that the data is encrypted at all times, and therefore cannot be interpreted, even if an unauthorized user gains access. This protocol exceeds current HIPAA security standards, and helps ensure our partners’ data remains safe and secure at all times.

For more information about BedWatch technology and data security, please contact us.