BedWatch Transfer Center

BedWatch® Transfer Center empowers hospital staff to efficiently handle and process  outside patient referrals, consultations, and to comply with EMTALA. It provides the tools needed to quickly connect the right clinicians in order to shorten the time required to make an acceptance determination.  In addition, Transfer Center integrates seamlessly with BedWatch® Admit Control providing internal staff with real-time visibility related to incoming transfers and direct admits.


Key Benefits

  • Visibility - Real-Time control panel providing visual status of all active referral requests.
  • Admit Control Integration - Transfer Center has tight integration with Admit Control to provide visibility to internal hospital staff regarding arriving patients.
  • Contact Management - System for managing contacts (physician, nursing, transport, etc) in order to expedite communication and reduce time to acceptance decision.
  • Call Recording & Transcription - All Transfer Center calls are recorded and transcribed by an AI for later review as needed.
  • Document Management - Ability to electronically handle incoming faxes and documents via our secure virtual fax system.  Also, these documents can be re-faxed directly to the appropriate people without having to deal with paper.  
  • Notifications - Send automatic notifications to the correct staff regarding incoming patients and documents  (New Requests, Accepts, Declines, ED Transfers, Voicemails, Faxes, etc.)
  • Daily Summary - Auto emailed Daily & Weekly summary of transfers
  • Reporting - Get detailed reporting around accepted, declined, and consultation referrals (Analysis by service, by time of day, by referral source, etc.)

The Most Powerful Technology on the Market


Real-Time Visibility

Always know the status of your patient referrals. Track requests in real-time through each stage with mobile access.

No more guesswork. Know when patients are accepted, declined, have been assigned a bed, or have been placed in a bed.  Understand and get metrics around declined referrals.

Faster Decisions for Referring Providers. Internal staff can be notified immediately regarding new referrals and make quicker decisions around capacity.  In addition, speeding up the connection between accepting & referring accepting providers result in faster acceptance.

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Work Anywhere On Any Device

Run your hospital from your phone.  BedWatch’s web-based access gives you 24/7 access to the status of your patient referrals wherever you are.

Responsive to any screen size.  Whether you are working at a traditional workstation or making rounds with your tablet, BedWatch is crafted to work the way you work.

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what patient referral notifications you want and where you want them delivered.


Intelligence & Insights

Seamless Integration with Admit Control. Working alongside the internal patient throughput Admit Control module, Transfer Center can bring visibility to the entire patient journey from referral, admit, and discharge.  

Notifications when and where you want them.  Text message, email, or app notification? You choose what notifications you want and where you want them delivered.

Visualize your data. Track and analyze a wide range of data regarding every aspect of the throughput process with powerful, customizable business intelligence tools.

Unparalled Capabilities

Empower your operations and analytics teams with the right tools.


  • Real-Time Referral Board 
  • Seamless Admit Control Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transcriptions (via AI)
  • Document Management
  • ReFax Service
  • BedWatch Alerts
  • Daily Email Referral Summaries

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  • Referrals by Month
  • Referrals by Service Line
  • Referrals by Referring Location
  • Referrals by Status
  • Declines by Month
  • Declines by Reason
  • Requests by Decision Time
  • and More...

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