Advanced Visibility Tools For Healthcare

BedWatch® provides a set of advanced visibility, mobility, and data tools for healthcare. Facilities achieve sustained improvements in financial performance and timely access to care for patients.

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Solutions for the entire patient journey

As patients move through the silos of care that are inherent within typical healthcare institutions, BedWatch® provides the visibility, integration, and data tools needed to address care coordination challenges and achieve real results. 

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Patient Access

Increase patient's access to care within your organization with proven gateway and transfer tools.

Capacity Management

Optimize patient intake, improve the discharge process, and remove care coordination barriers.

Best in class, web-based technology

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Enterprise Access

BedWatch Enterprise Access (EA) empowers hospital system to easily and effectively manage all hospitals within a group from a single interface.

  • Multi-Facility Views
  • Data Reporting API
  • Application RESTful API
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

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Advanced Integration

BedWatch ® easily integrates with new and legacy Admission-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) systems and EMR systems. Integrations are handled via a secure, HIPAA-compliant, HL7 gateway. Additionally, the application can process Orders and support inbound and outbound events.


  • ADT Integration 
  • EMR & Orders Integration
  • Inbound Feeds (Customer → BedWatch)
  • Outbound Feeds (BedWatch → Customer)

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Custom Visibility Boards

BedWatch® provides access to relevant, real-time data for clinical and support service staff through intuitive bed boards.  BedWatch boards remain current automatically via HL7 integration with the facility’s ADT & EMR systems. Visibility and access is based on a user’s organizational role and users can create their own customized views based on their requirements.

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Secure Mobile Access

BedWatch allows web-based mobile access combined with smart notifications to ensure that team members always know the status of service and clinical requests and can view their progress in real-time. 

  • Device Agnostic (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Push Notifications
  • HIPAA-compliant Secure Messaging
  • Any Type of Service or Clinical Request
  • Team Views

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Intelligent, Flexible Notifications

BedWatch Alerts is a sophisticated real-time notification engine that empowers clinical and support services teams to receive notifications that are specific to their areas of responsibility at the right time.  This core technology underlies all of our BedWatch modules, provides granular customization capabilities, and is easy to use.

  • Multi-Level Time Based Escalations  
  • Customizable Alerts by User 
  • Reduce Notification Fatigue with Filters
  • Intuitive Alert Toggles
  • Unlimited Users & Centralized Management 
  • Eliminate Phone Calls 

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Data & Analytics

BedWatch® provides robust reporting and data with all technology modules.  This includes built-in charts and dashboards to highlight relevant information in an intuitive format.  Data can be viewed in-app or downloaded via PDF, Excel, or CSV. In addition, BedWatch can support direct API access to our data warehouse for enterprise customers to connect and integrate with their existing business intelligence tools.

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