We knew there were some inefficiencies in our throughput and discharge processes, but we had no idea how significant those issues were until we implemented BedWatch and they were really brought to light. Now that we have identified the inefficiencies in our processes, we are able to address and resolve them.

– Associate Administrator, Texas

BedWatch is a fantastic tool for house supervisors. It puts bed status information for every unit in the facility in your hands, as it happens, without a single phone call. It has been a real game changer for our hospital.

– House Supervisor, Alabama

BedWatch is simple and user-friendly. It provides continuous, at-a-glance updates on beds and occupancy status, and eliminates the need for phone calls to find available beds.

– House Supervisor, Texas

BedWatch has been a vital component in reducing our patient throughput bottlenecks, specifically in regard to room turn times and ED hold times. Our ED LWBS rates and ‘bed assigned to bed occupied’ rates have also been dramatically reduced since implementation.

– EVS Director, Florida

“Having an accurate view of the status of all active patient transport requests in real time helps us proactively manage throughput and move patients more efficiently, and automatic notifications to EVS ensure that beds get turned over as soon as patients are discharged.”

– Transport Director, Louisiana

“Everyone is taking to BedWatch really well. It’s a great help to be able to see all our facility activities as they happen, and we’ve already begun improving our operational efficiency.”

– EVS Director, Texas

“BedWatch is simple to use, has excellent reporting, and a great user interface. It doesn’t just improve productivity — it also improves morale and helps increase patient satisfaction scores.”

– EVS Director, Louisiana


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