Patent-Pending Technology

BedWatch® represents the next evolution in patient throughput management tools, featuring patent-pending technology developed to empower hospital staff to identify and track areas of inefficiency, and to actively drive process improvement in order to significantly impact and improve throughput operations — as well as the patient experience — at their hospitals.

Crowd Source Mode
Crowd-sourcing and game theory play an integral part in the BedWatch® Transport Control system. This patent-pending tool is designed to promote healthy competition, and effectively eliminates the need for a dispatcher. When operated in “Crowd-Source Mode,” Transport Control allows Transport team members to self-select assignments and take ownership of their daily tasks, improving efficiency as well as morale.

Polite Paging
BedWatch® Bed Control features a patent-pending “Polite Paging” tool, which prevents EVS staff, Transport staff, and other front-line team members from receiving pages with new task assignments until they have completed their current task. This tool has proven to alleviate stress and improve morale among these key team members, and helps ensure a more equitable division of labor.

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