Quality Control

BedWatch Quality ControlBedWatch® Quality Control is a completely customizable rounding and quality assurance app designed to allow users to easily create detailed, customized rounding checklists, surveys, and performance audits to track a wide range of data points in one central location.

Quality Control helps hospitals capture real-time information from patients and team members to ensure compliance with operational standards, facilitate detailed metrics tracking, and empower hospital staff drive performance improvement across all areas of the hospital, such as:

BedWatch Quality Control Sample Audit List

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  • Patient Satisfaction 
  • Staff Performance
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Departmental Performance
  • Patient Room Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Staff Satisfaction with Service Departments
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Resource Usage
  • Team Member Satisfaction
  • Ongoing Training

Quality Control provides comprehensive reports, which can help managers objectively assess performance, better predict staffing or maintenance needs, and easily access historical data with any tablet, smartphone, or computer with Internet connection.

Quality Control Helps Hospitals:

  • Gain a real-time view of key performance metrics, from operations to patient satisfaction
  • Create a wide range of custom audits, with a variety of response types & optional weighted responses
  • Centrally track all data, and create custom folders to ensure easy access for individual user groups
  • Generate detailed reports & graphs to more objectively assess performance, identify trends, and easily share the information
  • Access, record, & update audits on-the-go from any Internet-capable device
BedWatch Quality Control screen shot

Quality Control allows users to easily and objectively track and assess performance.

Quality Control is intuitive and user-friendly, and is designed to be adaptive to the unique needs of each individual hospital and user. Reports and dashboard views are built on an Adaptive Web Design platform, and are easily editable via simple drag-and-drop functionality.

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