EVS Control

BedWatch EVS ControlBedWatch® EVS Control is a bed turnover management tool that provides  Environmental Services (EVS) Directors with a real-time view of all active bed turnover requests, and allows them to proactively manage discharge cleans using any Internet-capable device, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Using EVS Control, EVS managers are able to have the system automatically notify the appropriate housekeeper as soon as a discharge occurs, and can provide automatic notifications to key users in patient placement and nursing management as soon as clean beds become available. 

EVS Control Helps EVS Managers:

  • Proactively Manage Discharge Cleans & Reduce Average Bed Turnover
  • Automatically Notify the Right Housekeeper when a Discharge Occurs
  • Automatically Notify House Supervisors & Patient Placement Staff of Clean Beds
  • Generate Detailed Reports of Bed Turnover Metrics by Unit and by Housekeeper
  • Objectively Measure & Assess Team Member Performance

EVS Bed Board Image

EVS Control is also able to generate built-in time-and-date-stamped reports, which can be segmented and analyzed by unit as well as by team member, ensuring EVS managers can objectively assess team members’ performance over the long term, and can identify and address recurring bottlenecks and process issues.

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