“Transfers Within the Same Unit” Report Helps BedWatch Users Track Medically-Unnecessary Patient Transfers

By on July 15, 2015 in News

BedWatch Admit Control and Bed Control feature a variety of built-in reports designed to help users get the most out of our technology and the data it captures. One of these reports, the “Transfers Within the Same Unit” report, allows hospital administrators to monitor and track patient transfers that occur within the same unit.

Transfers in unit

Typically, when a patient is moved from one bed to another within the same unit, the move is not medically necessary. For hospital partners that deal with consistently-high patient census, internal transfers within the same unit can actually cause longer patient wait times and lead to greater challenges for an already-over-tasked EVS department.

Often, internal inefficiencies like unnecessary patient transfers occur because of a breakdown in communication, or a lack of understanding of administrative priorities. Utilizing objective performance data, like the BedWatch “Transports Within the Same Unit” report, hospital leaders can identify areas of chronic inefficiency and proactively address them, whether through additional training or a larger, more extensive shift in processes.

At BedWatch, we understand that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. For more information about our technology’s comprehensive data-collection and built-in reporting capabilities, please contact us.


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