Proactively Manage Bed Turnover & Identify Trends with the BedWatch Discharge Dashboard

By on January 21, 2015 in News

BedWatch’s Discharge Dashboard provides hospital leadership with comprehensive, time-and-date-stamped data around the hospital’s discharge activities in order to improve visibility and help hospital users identify trends and better manage each department’s unique capacity and staffing needs.

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The BedWatch Discharge Dashboard allows users to view real-time hospital discharge data by unit, by date, by time, or by day of the week. It also features a “Sum of ADT Lag” report, which measures how much time passes between when a bed is marked “Dirty” in BedWatch and when the discharge notification is entered into the hospital ADT system.

There is often a delay between when the patient actually leaves the bed / room and when the discharge information is entered into the hospital ADT system, and this report helps hospital users identify areas of chronic delay and opportunities for performance and process improvement.

In 2014 alone, BedWatch helped hospitals save more than 550,000 hours ahead of their ADT systems, allowing them to increase virtual bed capacity and treat more patients without additional resources.

For more information on BedWatch patient throughput tools and how they can help your hospital increase the efficiency of the patient placement and bed turnover processes, please contact us.


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